Super Spinner Swing Review

If there is one play equipment that can be considered as a classic, that would be the swing. Most adults have at least one memory of them having fun in the swing as a child. Even as an adult, there might still be memories of lazy afternoons and the wind touching your face as you swing back and forth either alone or with a friend. The best swing sets can be made of anything, the more important factors are the great memories and the pleasure that you were feeling back then.

In the old days, children are already happy with any type of swing, as long as it serves its purpose. It can be a wooden swing, a metal swing, or a swing made from an old tire and children can still be contented. The same is true today, but at least, there are more options for parents regarding what type of swing would be best for their kids.

Swings made from old tires still exist today. After all, it is very easy to make and really affordable too. All you need is a tire, a strong rope, and a place to hang the tire from such as the limbs of a really sturdy and tough tree. However, a tire swing can have a lot of drawbacks and it can potentially be dangerous for kids especially when not installed properly.

One of the disadvantages of having a tire swing is that it can only support a minimum weight, probably that of a small child. As your child grows bigger and heavier, the tire may no longer be able to fully support him and that can result in the destruction of the swing and a bad fall.

So, if you are in need of swing sets for older child or children, a tire swing is not the way to go. You should be able to find a great tire swing alternative which can provide the same amount of fun and even more without breaking your budget.

This is where the latest innovation in swings comes into the picture: the Super Spinner Swing. The Super Spinner is more than just a swing because is a fun tire swing alternative yet it is also an amusement park ride in its simplest form. Like the classic tire swing, the Super Spinner also swings and spins, but the edge of this great alternative is that it is safer and more comfortable.

Product Features

The Super Spinner Swing is made with heavy duty and high quality parts to ensure your child’s safety at all times. The plastic materials used in making this swing are BPA-free while the steels are all performance tested for durability. It comes with a polypropylene rope which was coated with UV protection and cannot be chewed on by any animal who might visit your backyard.

For additional safety, the Super Spinner Swing also comes with a hanging kit which has two heavy duty safety locking clips, and stainless steel rope adjusters. It is very simple to put it up. You just need to identify the perfect space to place the swing.

Once you have found the ideal location, the hanging kit is your friend. With it, it is easier to adjust the height and level of your swing because of the multiple rope length feature. You can choose whether you want your rope length to be 5, 10, 20, 30, or 40 feet. You can either have a fast and exciting swing or a slow and steady one for extreme relaxation.

This swing can safely hold up to 200 lbs so if you have two kids, they can use the Super Spinner Swing at the same time and enjoy the ride together. It is recommended for children from three years old and up, but those who are younger can still use the swing but with adult supervision.

It can be used spinning, sitting, and standing which will allow your kids to enjoy it even more because of the variety of things that they can do together on the swing.

Since the Super Spinner Swing caters to kids, they come in a variety of colors that they can choose from. They can pick either red, yellow, green, or blue and ride the swing in the color that they love.

The swing is also very easy to maintain. Cleaning is as simple as hosing it down with water. What’s even great about it is that it will not hold up water because it has a drainage hole to remove all things liquid. Compared to a tire which can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, the Super Spinner Swing does not have any room for stagnant water and other types of dirt such as dried leaves and twigs.


  • The hard plastic material is very sturdy and secure.
  • The rope has an adjustable length so it can be easy to lower it down to the ground if your kids prefer to.
  • It can accommodate kids of all ages, even those who are older than the recommended age as long as they are still within the weight limit.
  • No need to use other materials for the installation as everything you need already come with the package.


  • It is a little overpriced, considering that it is a very simple swing set.
  • Smaller kids need to be extra cautious because the swing can easily flip and throw them if not in proper balancing and positioning.

Another drawback is that once your kids get on it, you would not be able to make them go down. But seriously, this commercial swing set can be considered as among one of the simplest and best swing sets that can be bought in the market for less than a hundred bucks. If you do not have a swing at home yet, the Super Spinner Swing is a nice investment so that you can turn your backyard into your little personal playground.