Backyard Discovery Somerset Swing Set Review

One of the best parts about our childhood are the memories of being able to play with siblings, family members, and childhood friends. Most of these memories happen at home where you can freely run around the backyard and spend precious times just playing or hanging out with loved ones. Now that you are a parent, you should also let your kids experience the same. Give them the time to play and let them enjoy their childhood as much as you did. To make your home even more enjoyable, gift them with one of the best swing sets that you can get and watch them create their best childhood memories.

One of the best wooden swing sets that you might want to consider is the Backyard Discovery Somerset Wood Swing Set. It is a great option for you because it is not just your regular swing set. It has a lot of play features which kids can surely enjoy.

Somerset Product Features

The Somerset Wood Swing Set is made from 100% durable cedar wood which was laboratory tested to ensure that is resistant from rot and natural decay. The lumber used was pre-stained so that it will look smooth and clear and was pre-cut and pre-drilled to test its durability.

A maximum of nine kids can simultaneously play in this swing set. With the various features that this swing set has, they will not run out of things to do. It has a raised playhouse with observation window and colorful green and yellow canopy. It also has a solid rock climbing wall which the kids can use to get up into the playhouse but if the kids prefer ladders, there is a standard step ladder as well.

This wooden swing set has two belt swings and a trapeze swinging bar which makes it suitable for the little ones and the older kids who see themselves as athletic swingers. To make this set even more fun, there is an 8 foot long speedy slide which kids of all ages can definitely enjoy.

When assembled, this big swing set has the following dimensions: 15′ 3″ in width, 10′ 9″ in diameter, and 8′ 10″ in height. The upper deck dimension is 60” x 30” and its height is at 4’. For safety, there should be a six-foot perimeter around the swing set to avoid any collisions.

The manufacturer, Backyard Discovery, recommends that this swing set should be used by kids from three years old up to 10 years but it still depends on the built. If you decide to have younger kids play in it, make sure that there is adult supervision.


  • The upper deck or the playhouse can accomodate up to 300 lbs so there is no need to worry that it might not be able to hold up well.
  • There were a lot of pieces but it was easy to put everything together.
  • It is a great swing set for kids of all ages so if you have two or more kids, you can definitely get your money’s worth as everyone will surely enjoy it.
  • The swings and the bars can be moved up and down to adjust to growing kids.
  • If maintained well, this swing set can last a long time.


  • There were missing parts when the item was delivered.
  • It takes a long time to assemble. It may be easy for some but for those who do not have enough knowledge in building things, it may seem like forever.
  • Since it is made of wood, some of the pieces were split and even cracked during assembly.


For families who have the space outside their houses, the Somerset Swing Set is a great choice. It is fun, has a lot of features, and has a lot of room for growth. Since it is made of wood, it just needs a little maintenance such as application of wood sealant at least once a year to lock out moisture.

Although there are some drawbacks, the Backyard Discovery Somerset Wood Swing Set definitely deserves a spot in the list of best swing sets that you can buy for your kids. You will not regret this investment because the kids will surely enjoy all the features that come with the set. Not to mention the fact that it would only cost you a few hundred dollars compared to other similar swing sets which can cost thousands.