Top Playground Activities

Many children have found childhood memories of playing at the playground. There are some great playground games and activities that can keep a child busy for hours and make sure they have a great day.

Mother, May I

This game allows children to test their ability to follow rules. One person is selected as the leader. That person is known as Mama. The rest of the kids playing keep the role of being kids. When Mama called out something for one player to do at a time such as hopping on one foot. Before completing this action the player has to say “Mama, May I”. If they forget to say this they are out. This game is played until there is one player left standing.

Red Light, Green Light

This is a classic childhood game. A leader is selected and they stand across the field from the other players. The others stand in a line. When the leader says green light the players come forward. When the leader says red light everyone has stop moving. If the player does not stop they are out. The last player left is the winner.

King of the Hill

The object of this game is for a player to stay at the of the hill or a designated area. One player starts off by being the King. The other players may try to push the king off of the hill of his spot. Kicking, hitting, and punching are not allowed.


This is a simple game to play. On the ground a child will draw a large square with chalk. They will then divide this into four smaller squares and they are numbered one to four. The player will bounce a ball into the square of another player. The player must then bounce the ball once in their square and then pass it off to another player. This should be done until a mistake is made and there is one player left.


This is a fun basketball game to play and can be played with as little as two players. One player will make a shot at the basketball hoop. If they make it the next player has to shoot from the same spot. If a player misses they get a letter in the word course. The shots are repeated until a player has missed enough shots to spell out the entire word horse.


This game can get intense. The children divide into two groups and stand on the opposite side of a field of blacktop from each other. The kids toss the ball at people on the other team. If a player gets hit they are out. This game is played until there is one person left standing. It is best to play this with a soft ball so no one gets hurt.

Swing Pretend

Swing sets are fun to play on and children love to pretend. While on the swings the children can pretend they are astronauts, birds, or others that fly through the air on great adventures.


This classic game is easy to play. One player is selected to be it. They will run around and try to touch another player. If they are able to touch someone that player is now it and chases to chase the other children. This can go on until everyone is tired out.


This game can be played alone or children can play it together. They need to draw the outline of the board starting with the number one on top. A stone is thrown and whatever number it lands on the children have to avoid. This game can be played over and over again.

Jump Rope

There are so many variations of this game. A person can play by themselves with one rope and jump over it. This game can be made more fun with several children and several ropes. It there are even ropes going around it can be challenging and fun at the same time. There are even United States Jump Rope Competitions where players can win some nice prizes.

These are some of the best games for the playground. These games can keep a child entertained for hours and are a lot of fun to play.