Playground safety rules and tips

For many children, playing on the playground is the highlight of their lives and they enjoy every minute of it. However, when children are playing on the playground, they become dismissive of potential dangers that could put them in harm’s way and it can be stressful for parents not having the proper tools when disaster strikes.

Many parents will agree that playground safety is one of the most important tools that parents and children will ever own, it consists of preventive measures and rules that can keep children from getting hurt. There are rules to follow as well as playground safety tips to keep in mind at all times.

Unsafe playground equipment use

To many children, some of their playground equipment can be unsafe for use and can cause undue harm to the child. Although there are times where this might be seen as a rarity, it is something that happens more than most people think.

Some of the equipment can be anything from loose ladder wrung or a loose bolt on the seesaw, and sometimes it could be something more serious. All in all, the condition of playground equipment can become rusted and old as everything does, it is important to be mindful of the playground equipment.

Commonplace issues with playground equipment

One of the common issues that children and parents is playground equipment that is broken or missing pieces in such a way that it might be unnoticeable, an example of this is a lop-sided swing chain. This might be seen as nothing, but it can mean the difference between the child’s safety and the child getting hurt.

If the child is having balancing issues with a swing or any playground equipment that does not work as good as it should then it is in the parents’ best interest to act immediately; those critical seconds can save a child from a bad fall.

What to look out for on metallic surfaces

Slippery surface from ice or water is another danger to look out for especially if rain has touched the metal equipment on the playground, an example of this is if children are playing on certain playground equipment that are metallic such as the seesaw or the merry-go-round which can have mud or leftover rainwater on it that could make it unsafe.

Playground Area Advice

The weather can cause all playground equipment to be dangerous for use than they would otherwise be, parents are advised to pay close attention to their child and what they do on the playground as far as playing on the swings or the merry-go-round.

​Safety rules to follow on the playground

  • Do not let their child attempt to play on equipment that they are not able to yet, this can be a slide for bigger kids or even certain types of playground equipment such as a full length net.
  • Always have a first aid kit handy. This might seem as if it is a sign of helicopter parenting, but it is far from it. First aid kits come through in tough situations when the child get hurt in some way, this is one of the best preventive measures that parents can have when it comes to playground safety.
  • Have soft material mats that the children can land on if they fall off from playing on the playground slides or even anything that children can climb up such as zip lines. The mats are the definition of playground safety, it can ease a parent’s worries that their child might split their head open falling to the ground where a rock might be hidden beneath an opaque surface.
  • Always analyze the playground equipment before use whether it is after a weather effect or after another child uses it, there could be blood from the previous child or even something dangerous like gum or an oil spill.

Playground safety and rules might not seem as if they serve no other purpose than to ruin a child’s fun, they are everything but that. Following playground safety rules is important in keeping children from hurting themselves, parents are encouraged to be mindful of their children’s playground equipment; a weak chain or unbalanced seesaw are signs of danger that should not be dismissed.

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